Payments for health and dental providers

Great-West Life pays you with one cheque twice monthly and an easy-to-read statement. If you sign up for direct deposit, you can enjoy the convenience of weekly payments direct to your chosen account.

Bundled payments

We bundle your payments into one cheque twice monthly or one direct deposit weekly. The schedule stays the same each month, offering you convenience in administration.

These payment methods also help save a lot of paper, reflecting our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.

Easy-to-read statements

Our easy-to-read statements help you manage your payments. The statements offer detailed information, including clearly separated information for each plan member.

View a sample statement

Secure email

If you provide us with your office email address, we’ll send your new statements via secure email on the same schedule as your bundled payments. Secure email protects confidential information while offering another level of convenience.

Frequently asked questions


How do I sign up to receive direct deposit from Great-West?

  • If you’re eligible for Provider eClaims, please register. On the registration page, click on View eligibility details for more info.
  • If you’re already registered for eClaims but have not provided your banking details, please visit the eClaims portal.
  • For dental practitioners or providers not eligible for eClaims, please visit

Why register for direct deposit?

  • Streamlined payments: Your payments will be bundled into convenient single deposits directly into your bank account.
  • More frequent payment: Great-West will send you a weekly payment by direct deposit. Otherwise, your payments will be issued twice per month by cheque.
  • Greater convenience: Direct deposits reduce or eliminate the cost of handling and depositing cheques at the bank.
  • Easier reconciliations: A new, easy-to-read statement will be emailed to you on the date of deposit, helping you quickly reconcile outstanding claim payments.
  • Increased security and control: Direct deposit payments can help reduce fraud, such as the theft of cheques which are fraudulently cashed.
  • Increased flexibility: You can choose to have the payments issued to the clinic or to yourself, based on your business model.
  • Better for the environment: Using less paper helps reduce our environmental footprint.

Will there be one payment and statement per provider in the office, or will the payments and statements be bulked for all providers?

If you register as an individual provider, you will receive your payments and statements directly to the bank account and email address you provide when you register.

If you register as a clinic or organizational provider, one payment will be made and statement will be emailed for all providers registered under that clinic or organizational provider to the bank account and email address you provide when you register.

Will I get a payment for each claim, or will they be bundled for a period of time?

For ease of reconciliation, and in an effort to potentially minimize your banking fees, claim payments will be bundled and paid out on a predetermined schedule.

When will I receive payment?

Your payment schedule will be determined based on where you are located in Canada:

Direct deposit:
  • Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Territories: Wednesdays weekly
  • ON East and GTA (area codes 289, 905, 613): Fridays weekly
  • Toronto and Ontario West, North: Thursdays weekly
  • MB, SK, AB: Tuesdays weekly
  • BC: Mondays weekly

Bundled cheques:
  • Atlantic Canada and Territories: First and third Friday every month
  • QC: second and fourth Tuesday every month
  • ON:
    • Toronto (area codes 416, 647): first and third Tuesday every month
    • GTA (area codes 905, 289): first and third Thursday every month
    • ON remainder (all other area codes): first and third Wednesday every month
  • MB, SK, AB: second and fourth Thursday every month
  • BC: second and fourth Wednesday every month

Please note that if your payment falls on a holiday, it will be mailed out the next business day.

How are payment errors handled?

Great-West makes every effort to reimburse you quickly and accurately. In the case of an issue with one of your payments, simply call us to request an adjustment at 1-800-957-9777.


What will be listed on the statement?

The statement will include a detailed summary of all claims processed during the payment period, including how you submitted the claim.

View a sample statement complete with field descriptions.

How do I use the statement to coordinate benefits?

Our plan member privacy is of utmost importance. If you are coordinating benefits with another carrier, please be sure to only show the details for the claim you are submitting.

Secure email

What is secure email?

When you provide your email address, all statements will be emailed to you securely using encryption software. The initial email will have an HTML attachment in the message. Once opened, the attachment will launch your internet browser so that you can read the secure email message containing your statement. In addition to payment statements, you may receive other emails to quickly provide you with important information related to your claim.

When using this service for the first time, you will be asked to register with a password of your choosing. If you are a returning user, you will be asked to login using your previously created password.


Who do I contact for support?

Please contact Great-West Life at 1-800-957-9777 if:

  • you did not receive your payment/statement
  • your payment/statement was damaged
  • you have any questions regarding your statement